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    Positive pressure ventilation therapy machine (bilevel)

    Manufacturer: Hepuler
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    Real-time display of flow waveform and treatment parameters such as inspiratory pressure IPAP, expiratory pressure EPAP, tidal volume Vt, leak volume LK, minute ventilation volume MV, respiratory rate RR, etc. Equipped with a dedicated Bluetooth wireless oximeter, it can synchronize the blood oxygen saturation SpO₂ and pulse rate PR information on the ventilator in real time to form a professional treatment report with complete data.

    Responsive speed is superior to the same group
    The industry-leading pressure response speed, even from the minimum pressure of 4cmH2O to the maximum pressure of 30cmH2O, takes less than 500 milliseconds. This is the response speed for patients, especially those with high respiratory rate, to actually get prescribed pressure therapy.

    Accurate recognition of respiratory events
    Comprehensive recognition of respiratory events such as apnea-hypopnea AH, airflow restriction FL, snoring SNORE, etc., especially for the accurate identification of central sleep apnea CSA, which can effectively avoid the effects of incorrect pressure regulation on patients

    Lung injury. Combined with highly intelligent air leakage compensation technology, it can ensure the accuracy of event recognition even in the case of large air leakage.

    Products specifications
    Approval Number粤械注准20182540586
    Production license粤食药监械生产许20183178号