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    808nm treatment system hair removal

    Manufacturer: GGLT
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    1. Semiconductor refrigeration System, work continuously for 24 hours without any break, you can treat more clients everyday, save your time.

    2. Sweden imported water filter, the filtering effect reaches 99.9%, this can protect laser bars and prolong machine life, save your money.

    3. Italy imported ultra-quiet water pump, No noise, provide a quiet and comfortable environment for patients. Large water flow, provides better cooling, and prolong machine life, save your money.

    4. Power supply ( Taiwan MW), stable output power, ensure stable output energy.

    5. Big power fans for refrigeration system, prolong the life of machine

    6. High quality control board, ensure stable output energy and best result of hair removal.

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    Qualification CE
    Approval Number 京械注准20162261412