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    [a300] argon high frequency electrotome

    Manufacturer: Huabo
    SKU: XQL-97-copy
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    [function mode]
    Electrocision: coagulation / endoscopic electrocoagulation: powerful coagulation
    [product features and advantages]
    Electromagnetic compatibility group L, class B, floating CF equipment, high safety, double feedback automatic control, stable and reliable output power
    One device can output various modes such as electrocautery, electrocoagulation, argon beam coagulation, bipolar coagulation and so on. It contains a number of patented technologies, with a power of 300W. It has an electrosurgical operation module and an endoscopic treatment module. Different modules are selected for different surgeries, and are automatically controlled by microcomputer
    Color liquid real-time display function, automatic memory function, negative plate area monitoring system
    With voice alarm prompt, eye-catching, intuitive understanding of the cause of the alarm
    Triple pedal or manual control can be controlled automatically. It is convenient for the operator to use argon beam, and the excitation distance is more than 7-10 mm, which ensures clear vision of endoscopic surgery
    The function of argon flushing can prevent the blockage of hydrogen soft electrode and effectively increase the excitation distance of argon beam
    Argon flow automatic control, flow automatic compensation, when the argon pressure is insufficient, sound and light alarm and stop output

    Products specifications
    Approval Number国械注准20183250159