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    Adult Diapers

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    Adult diapers, diapers, diapers
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    The diapers are suitable for people: those who have been in bed for a long time and are inconvenient to urinate. Elderly patients with limited mobility.
    People with incontinence, paralysis or semi-paralysis. Those who need to stay in bed or have limited mobility after surgery.
    Women have a lot of blood during menstruation or uterine bleeding, and the parturient has just produced a lot of blood. Frequent urination but cannot go to the toilet at any time.
    Instructions for use:
    Unfold the diaper, with the adhesive back piece facing upwards, let the patient lie on the right side, first open the left half of the diaper.
    Then let the patient lie on the left side and open the right half of the diaper.
    Then ask the patient to lie on his back, pull the front piece to the abdomen, stick the adhesive tape to the random sticking area, adjust the elasticity after aligning, and then pull the elastic fold outward.
    Use suggestions:
    1. Wash your hands with water or soap before changing diapers to avoid contamination of diapers with bacteria.
    2. Before changing diapers or after defecation, please clean your buttocks with neutral soap or warm water and wipe dry.
    3. Please change clean diapers in time to keep your skin dry and clean.
    4. Turn over for the patient frequently and perform full body massage to avoid the occurrence of bedsores.
    Strong absorber (two-way absorber supported by high-grade wood pulp and polymer, with super absorption capacity. The absorber is lengthened and widened to absorb and not seep back.)
    Quick-seepage diversion layer (a uniquely designed diversion layer that guides the diffusion of urine, rapidly infiltrates and absorbs, and makes the surface more drier.) Cleansing and dry surface layer (made of high-grade non-woven fabric, can make the urine quickly penetrate downwards , And prevent back seepage, keep the surface dry and maintain skin health)
    Free sticking area (the sticking position can be adjusted at will, left and right symmetry is maintained, making the diaper more convenient and compliant.)
    Original double-layer absorption (the original double-absorbing layer design in the middle enhances the absorption performance of key positions and prevents urine leakage).
    L: Suitable for hips: 32"——45" (81cm—114cm)
    XL: Applicable hip circumference: 42"—57" (106cm—145cm)
    Post-use treatment:
    If you have a bowel movement after using the diaper, please clear the excrement in the toilet first, but do not throw the diaper into the toilet.
    Then treat as combustible waste. Do not throw away randomly, so as not to pollute the environment

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