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    Air purifier household removal of formaldehyde and indoor odor removal

    Manufacturer: AGCEN
    SKU: MYK_017
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    Product parameters:

    Product name: AGCEN KJ450F-T01A
    Brand: Hagen/ Ai Jensen
    Model: KJ450F-T01A
    Function: Smoke removal, dust removal, sterilization
    After-sales service: Shop three guarantees
    Power supply mode: AC
    Color classification: KJ450F-T01A white
    Applicable area: 30m^2-50m^2
    Working principle: activated carbon-negative ion HEPA technology
    Manufacturer: Shenzhen Aijisen Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
    Control method: other
    Applicable objects: commercial, household
    Air purification product category: air purifier
    Filter type: composite filter
    Smart type: other
    Air volume: 910 cubic meters/hour
    Maximum noise: 66dB
    Noise: 28-66dB
    Air purification energy efficiency level: high-efficiency level
    CCM value of particulate matter: P4(12000≤M)
    CCM value of formaldehyde: F4 (>2023.2mg)
    CADR value of particulate matter: 450 cubic meters/hour
    CADR value of formaldehyde: 180 cubic meters/hour
    Warranty period: 36 months

    Products specifications
    Brand 艾森吉
    Qualification CE