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    Al-ROBOTICS external bone marrow rehabilitation training robot

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    Active deviation correction training: mid-to-late rehabilitation training can give full play to the patient's active walking ability, and assist the patient in correcting abnormal gait and posture during exercise, and induce the patient to form an effective core muscle control ability
    Rehabilitation function: The frame-type overall structure guarantees support and walking stability. It is not only suitable for rapid rehabilitation of patients with mild or moderate lower extremity motor dysfunction during dry periods, but also suitable for restorative functional rehabilitation training for patients with severe lower extremity motor dysfunction.
    Bionic design: bionic mechanical structure design, artificial knee joints coordinated movement, can perfectly realize the real rehabilitation training of human-like gait walking
    Ergonomic straps: comfortable and adjustable ergonomic straps to prevent skin pressure and wear
    Aijia Rehabilitation Waiqing Road Robot, through an original mechanical design method, simulates the best imitation rehabilitation training gait, and drives the patient to actually walk.
    In the process of rehabilitation training, it can help the patient rebuild the correct walking posture, fully stimulate the patient's remaining body function, enable the patient to improve the functional coordination of muscles and nerves during exercise, promote the balance of muscles and nerves, and achieve coordination training , Guide patients to participate in active training, and ultimately accelerate the recovery of patients.

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