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    Alginate Fiber

    Manufacturer: Bright Moon Bio
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    product description:

    Ordinary alginate fiber is a kind of functional medical fiber material prepared by wet spinning with pure sodium alginate as raw material. It has high hygroscopicity and gel-forming properties. When applied to wounds, medical dressings prepared from this raw material can absorb tissue exudate to form a gel, provide a moist environment that can promote healing of the wound, and stimulate the skin The growth of tissues accelerates wound healing. It has a good effect on chronic ulcer wounds such as bedsores and burns. Our company can provide customers with alginate fibers with different G/M ratio, fineness and gelling properties by adjusting raw materials and production processes according to customer needs.


    Performance and application:

    One of the main application areas of "Jielingsi" alginate fiber is functional medical dressings. The medical dressing prepared with alginate fiber as the raw material has the properties of moisture absorption, moisture supply, hemostasis, antibacterial, skin-friendly, etc., while effectively caring for the wound, it can save nursing cost and improve nursing quality. "Jielingsi" alginate fiber can further improve its moisture absorption, antibacterial and other functions after being combined with chitosan, silver ion, and other functional materials. With the aging of the world population and the increasing number of chronic ulcer wounds, functional biomedical materials based on marine biopolymers have broad application prospects.



    3.8 cm; 5.1 cm; 6.5 cm; 7.6 cm

    Products specifications
    Brand Bright Moon Bio
    Approval Number 鲁械注准20162640166
    Production license 鲁食药监械生产许20140055号
    Qualification CE