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    All aluminum lightweight folding bike

    Manufacturer: MIAOLI

    Product parameter

    Product name All aluminum lightweight folding bike

    Product model RXT-ML-01

    Material Aviation aluminum alloy

    Weight 5.5KG

    Load 100KG

    Expanded size 58*44*84cm.

    Folded size 54*44*20cm

    Wheel size 3 inches front wheel 5 inches rear wheel


    product description

    01breathable, comfortable and refreshing

    02 can flip up the handle

    The armrest can be turned up to facilitate getting on and off the wheelchair

    High quality universal wheel

    Reinforced anti-skid tire design, strong grip, can achieve 360° rotation.

    03Pedal parking brake, non-slip and non-skid

    When parking the car, the caregiver steps on the pedals on both sides of the rear wheel, and the car body stops stably.

    04Aviation aluminum alloy pedal

    High hardness, good wear resistance, strong bearing capacity

    seat belt

    Good stickiness and comfort


    Instructions for use

    How to fold the cart

    Hold the handle with your left hand, hold the aluminum tube with your right hand, and shrink the folding line, place it gently downwards, and fold the cart

    How to unfold the cart

    Hold the grip and pedals, and at the same time, pull them outwards forcefully until the cart is fully pulled away

    Products specifications
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