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    Anesthesia breathing circuit for single use

    Manufacturer: Shitron Medical

    Product specification and model: anesthesia breathing balloon
    Product structure and composition: Anesthesia breathing airbag is composed of anesthesia breathing airbag body and anesthesia breathing airbag mouth. The configuration is not unique, it can be selected according to clinical needs.
    Product use: This product is a consumable used with an anesthesia machine. It is mainly used for anesthesia and oxygen infusion of surgical patients; it is used to check the working status of the anesthesia ventilator before the operation of postoperative recovery of patients, postoperative respiratory support and monitoring of critically ill patients, and the pre-anaesthetist is used to manually adjust the patient's entering anesthesia .

    Products specifications
    BrandShitron Medical
    Production license鲁食药监械生产许20110095号