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    Anesthesia kit for general anesthesia

    Manufacturer: Shitron Medical
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    Product specifications and models: STR-I-01, STR-I-02, STR-I-03, STR-I-04
    Product structure and composition: The product consists of tracheal intubation, suction connection tube, drainage mouthpiece, gauze, latex gloves, a disposable sterile syringe (not for injection), tray, table cloth, anesthesia laryngoscopy, suction tube, guide It is composed of silk, oropharyngeal channel device, and dental pad. The configuration is not unique, and it can be selected according to the requirements of the hospital. There are four types of products, each of which has different specifications according to the type of tracheal intubation.
    Scope of application: medical units can be used for patients who need general anesthesia.

    Products specifications
    Brand Shitron Medical
    Production license 鲁食药监械生产许20110095号
    Qualification CE