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    Anesthesia Mask

    Manufacturer: MEDPLUS
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    Product Features
    • Soft, odorless
    • Favorable air tightness
    • Variety specifications

    product superiorities
    • Anesthesia mask is made of medical materials, innocuous, inodorous, with favourable transparence.
    • It is 100%latex free, complying with biocompatibility standards.
    • Soft air cushion ensures flexibility, air tightness and Low odor.
    • This device is made up of a soft air cushion to ensure that mask will stick to patients' face entirely, and patients feel comfortable..
    • A standard cuff φ22/15mm design, which can be used simple and convenient in clinical.
    • A standard cuff 6% design for the check valve, can link to syringe reliably
    • It has obtained FDA and CE Certificate and we undertake OEM orders.

    Indication for Use
    This device can be connected with multiple medical equipments such as anaesthetic apparatus, ventilators, oxygen-machines, hyperbaric oxygen stores, inhaled painless delivery instruments, and emergency breathing apparatus. A variety of specifications are available.

    Primary structure
    anesthesia mask consists of mask cover, mask air cushion, tracheal cuff and check valve.
    Endoscopy Masks as a new design product , allow simultaneous ventilation and gastroscopy, fiberoptic bronchoscopy or fiberoptic intubation of the patient by supplying oxygen and anesthesia gases from the endoscopic side port. The masks are Apply to anaesthesia, digestive department and other departments.

    Products specifications
    Approval Number 粤械注准20152080043