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    Automatic fluid changer

    Manufacturer: Huachuang's ambition
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    1. Automatic replacement of infusion bottle / bag

    (up to 6 bottles of liquid can be suspended, which is suitable for various specifications of glass bottles, infusion soft bags, single bottle mouth and double bottle mouth)

    2. Drip speed monitoring: the infrared sensor of the drip pot position can monitor the liquid dropping speed in real time and display it in the upper left corner of the display screen.

    3. Infusion starting and ending time recording: the starting and ending time is automatically stored in the equipment, and there is no need for nurses to manually record each bottle.

    4. Automatic disinfection of bottle mouth: (ultraviolet radiation disinfects the bottle mouth, while one bottle of liquid is put in, the ultraviolet disinfection lamp irradiates the mouth of the next bottle for disinfection until the last bottle is finished)

    5. Automatic flushing: single bottle or double bottle can be set.

    6. Automatic liquid stop: (to prevent air from entering and returning to blood, the equipment will stop automatically when switching liquid, at the end of infusion, in case of any fault or sudden power failure)

    7. Automatic alarm at the end of infusion: the device itself sends out an alarm sound, and the alarm time is 15 seconds.

    Products specifications
    Brand Huachuang's ambition
    Approval Number Jxzz 20202140012