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    Automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument

    Manufacturer: Xinmeikang
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    Sample flux 1-48
    Treatment volume 30ul-1000ul
    Recovery of magnetic beads > 95%
    Orifice plate type 96 deep orifice plate
    Two deep hole plate loading positions
    Heating control room temperature 80 ℃ (cracking and washing dislocation)
    Choice of high, medium and low oscillation modes
    Sterilization ultraviolet lamp
    Program management new, edit, delete extraction program
    Operation interface, graphical interface, Chinese and English interface, 10 Inch Touch color screen
    Reagent type open platform (magnetic bead method)
    Program management can freely set up programs and store 200 user programs
    When the power-off protection is cut off unexpectedly and the power is supplied again, you can continue to choose whether to continue to run the experiment
    Size 557mm * 392mm * 397mm (L * w * h)

    Products specifications
    Approval Number 鲁济械备20200354号
    Qualification CE