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    Baby breathable tape

    Manufacturer: Yadu Industrial
    SKU: WHJ004
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    [Product name] breathable tape
    【Product Brand】Doctor Kangaroo
    [Executive standard number] Yuchang Food and Drug Administration Apparatus No. 20150022
    [Product description] The tape-shaped adhesive material is non-elastic and does not directly contact the wound surface. The sticking part is intact skin. Type Ⅰ is made of non-woven fabric and pressure-sensitive adhesive; Type Ⅱ is made of PE film and pressure-sensitive adhesive; Type Ⅲ is made of cotton cloth and pressure-sensitive adhesive; Type Ⅳ is made of paper and pressure-sensitive adhesive.
    [Intended use] It is used to provide adhesive force to wound dressings, bandages, etc., to play a fixed role.
    [Contraindications] Use with caution for those who are allergic to pressure-sensitive adhesives.
    【Usage】Wash the skin and dry it first, tear it off according to the required length, and stick it on the required part.

    Products specifications
    Brand Yadu Industrial
    Brand Yuchang Machinery Equipment No. 20150048
    Qualification FDA | CE