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    Baby incubator

    Manufacturer: disheng
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    The domestic first double-sided irradiation phototherapy infant incubator

    Microcomputer high precision servo temperature control

    The product has a power-on self-check function and a variety of fault alarms

    Two temperature control modes: box temperature and skin temperature

    With humidity control function

    Double-sided LED blue light treatment device, cumulative jaundice treatment time

    Split-screen display of box temperature, skin temperature, humidity, timing, heating power percentage

    Five sound and light alarm functions

    >37℃ temperature setting function

    With an independent second thermal cut-off device, the system is safer

    Timer accumulation function

    The inclination of the crib is continuously adjustable

    Plug-in axial flow DC fan

    Ultra-quiet double wheels, double-sided swing window

    The operating window has built-in damping for easy operation and low sound

    Aluminum-magnesium alloy control cabinet and base, fluorine spraying process to prevent acid and alkali, paint and rust

    With an independent self-locking device for the front door

    With RS-232 interface

    With oxygen input interface

    Products specifications
    Brand disheng
    Approval Number 国械注准20143082260
    Qualification ISO13458 | CE