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    Biological safety cabinet

    Manufacturer: SUJIE
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    1. Secondary biological safety cabinet, airflow mode: meet the requirements of 30% external discharge and 70% internal circulation.
    2. Comply with NSF49 and EN12469 standards, product implementation standards: People's Republic of China Pharmaceutical Industry Standard "YY 0569-2011".
    3. ★Working area size: length, width, height: 1000*520*640mm;
    4.★Dimensions: length, width, height: 1165*760*2200mm
    5. Inflow air flow: 0.53m/s
    6. Vibration half peak value ≤5μm
    7. The outer box is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate and electrostatic sprayed; the three sides of the operation area adopt a stainless steel integrated structure, and the inner cleanable part is treated with a 10mm round corner for easy cleaning.
    8. Two ULPA ultra-high efficiency filters are equipped as standard, which can achieve 99.999% interception efficiency for 0.12μm particles. The filter membrane is made of borosilicate glass fiber without partitions.
    9★The LCD screen of the control software can display system parameters such as working area temperature, air flow rate, filter membrane service life, etc., and can adjust various parameter settings. The blue display shows the value of each parameter, and the password changes the program setting. Prevent misoperation, control software provided
    A copy of the computer software copyright registration certificate of the biological safety cabinet.
    10. Unique negative pressure anti-leakage design, the working area is surrounded by negative pressure on all sides, truly achieving zero leakage and ensuring the cleanliness of the operating area.
    11. The fan has its own voltage fluctuation compensation function and resistance induction compensation function, which effectively extends the service life of the ultra-high efficiency filter.
    12. A high-sensitivity, high-precision breeze speed sensor is equipped at the working area and the outer exhaust air outlet to detect the wind speed in real time.
    13. Temperature sensor: it can detect and display the temperature in real time.
    14. Equipped with filter pre-failure, damage and blockage alarm technology, equipped with fan overload alarm prompt.
    15. Equipped with a height limit alarm device, when the moving glass door exceeds the prescribed height limit value (200mm), sound and light remind users.
    16. Equipped with a working window opening limit alarm system. When the opening height of the front window of the safety cabinet exceeds the set height, and when the flow rate of the descending airflow and inflow airflow of the safety cabinet exceed 20% of its nominal value, the interlocking system will initiate an alarm.
    17. The UV lamp has a timing appointment function.
    18. The integrated sliding door with front window can be positioned arbitrarily and can be completely closed for sterilization. The front glass door adopts safety tempered glass no less than 6mm thick.
    19. Front window and germicidal lamp chain design: when the front window is opened, the germicidal lamp goes out.
    20. It has the function of parameter memory and call recovery for protection of data loss due to power failure and crash state.
    21. The front suction inlet adopts the design of unobstructed return air to ensure that the personnel can effectively prevent the formation of backflow during operation and improve safety.
    The 22.10 degree tilt design is more in line with ergonomic power and makes the operator more comfortable.
    23. Biological safety:
    (1) Personnel safety: The number of colonies in the impact sampler ≤10CFU/time
    The number of colonies in the slit sampler≤5CFU/time
    (2) Product safety: Number of colonies ≤5CFU/time
    (3) Cross-contamination safety: the number of colonies≤2CFU/time
    24. Power supply in the cabinet: Waterproof socket design, the whole machine has the power-off protection function, making the operation more flexible and convenient.
    25★The manufacturer has relevant qualifications and patents
    (1) The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification.
    (2) The manufacturer obtains the medical device production license.
    (3) The product has obtained the SFDA medical device registration certificate.
    (4) The control software has obtained the national software copyright certificate.
    (5) The product has dozens of patents.
    26. Before leaving the factory, the equipment has been inspected by a qualified third party to ensure that the equipment is qualified.

    Products specifications
    Approval Number国械注准20173541386
    Production license苏食药监械生产许20170103号