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    Blood glucose testing system

    Manufacturer: VivaChek
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    Fashion simple, accurate and convenient
    Suitable for areas with large temperature difference
    Automatic detection of insufficient blood sample
    Automatic identification of samples and quality control solution
    One key strip withdrawing, safe and convenient
    Huge data storage space
    Realize true modulation free code
    Elimination of hematocrit interference
    Eliminate temperature interference
    Moisture detection of test paper
    Insufficient sample detection
    Automatic identification of samples (blood samples or quality control solutions)
    Test whether the test paper is in good condition
    The detection range was 0.6-33.3 mmol / L
    The results showed that the plasma glucose value
    Sample type fresh capillary whole blood
    Glucose oxidase for detection
    5 μ L
    The test time is about 5 seconds
    Operating temperature 5C - 45 ° C
    Operating relative humidity 10% - 90%
    The storage temperature of test strip is 2C - 30 ° C
    Power supply 1 3.0V lithium battery (model CR 2032)
    The battery life is 12 months or about 1000 tests
    Memory capacity 300 test results and date and time
    Automatic shutdown 2 minutes after the last operation

    Products specifications
    Approval Number 浙械注准20202220456
    Qualification ISO13458 | CE