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    Brand new product neck massage robot with body massager products for elderly

    Manufacturer: Hagong Tianyu
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    Five Elements of Music
    The balance of body and mind goes from the spiritual level to the physical level from the inside to the outside, relaxation, tranquility and concentration.
    Gradient pressure
    The pressure gradient from the neck to the feet can relax the muscles and soft tissues, especially the muscles on both sides of the spine, similar to traditional Chinese massage
    Far infrared hyperthermia
    Expand capillaries, speed up blood flow, promote blood circulation, and play an auxiliary health care role in relaxing meridians and activating collaterals, reducing pain and pain
    Gravity traction
    After the muscles around the spine relax, the body's own weight acts on the spine to relieve the pain of the cervical and lumbar spine. When the intervertebral structure is restored, acoustic vibration stimulation is performed to protect the spine.
    Acoustic vibration
    Stimulates the spine, muscles and soft tissues. Stimulates the skeletal system and nervous system. Stimulates the blood and lymphatic system.
    Overspeed screen
    Promote peristalsis of the large intestine and speed up blood circulation throughout the pelvis and buttocks. Promote fecal excretion and burn thigh fat, enhance immunity.

    Products specifications
    Brand Hagong Tianyu
    Qualification CE