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    Central monitoring system

    Manufacturer: Genari
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    ◆ 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 monitors can be connected

    ◆ Multi-display modes such as single column, double column, and focus

    ◆ Wired, wireless and wired/wireless hybrid communication methods

    ◆ Support centralized, distributed and hybrid networking wiring

    ◆ Unified networking and data sharing of multiple clinical departments

    ◆ The monitoring center can remotely operate the monitor

    ◆ The medical workstation can implement remote monitoring

    ◆ Data storage and output (burning disc)

    ◆ Trend graph, trend table and dynamic waveform playback display

    ◆ Clinical report printing

    ◆ Wired LAN connection

    ◆ Wireless LAN connection

    ◆ RS232 serial port connection

    ◆ RS485 interface connection

    Products specifications
    Brand Genari
    Approval Number 粤械注准20152070598
    Qualification CE