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    Cleace 84 disinfectant

    Manufacturer: Aoguang International

    1. Powerful detergent: keep clothes whiter for longer time, disinfect 99.9% of bacteria (including norovirus, influenza virus, MRSA, E. coli and Salmonella), in addition, it can also clean and protect home surfaces.
    2. Deodorant: Eliminate bacteria that cause peculiar smell, and prevent accumulation of peculiar smell in the washing machine.
    3. Removal of stains: Use this concentrated formula to obtain a pure white color. The formula is filtered 3 times to provide pure bleach, which can remove 70% more stains than a single detergent.
    4. Versatility: It can fight against hard stains on white clothes (including grass, juice, dirt and blood), or use it on hard, non-porous household surfaces, countertops, floors, trash cans and other items.

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    Qualification FDA | CE