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    Contact lens lubricant care solution

    Manufacturer: IKang

    Active ingredients of cleaning solution: sodium chloride, PHMB, methyl glucose derivatives, poloxamer.
    The active ingredients of the preservation solution: soft cleanser, moisturizing lubricant, buffering agent, deproteinizing agent.
    Active ingredients of lubricating fluid: disodium edetate, polyhexamethylene biguanide, vitamin B6, poloxamer, taurine, HA cell repair factor, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, nacre powder, natural borneol, Borax, boric acid.

    The new eye moisturizing formula contains HA cell repair factor, taurine, vitamin B6, and another eye moisturizing and nourishing ingredients to keep the eyes moist, avoid conjunctival congestion, and enhance the oxygen permeability of the lens. It is rich in nacre powder and borneol It can clear away heat and relieve spasms, remove haze and improve eyesight, and effectively alleviate the decline of adolescents’ distance vision, adolescents’ pseudomyopia, and visual fatigue.

    Products specifications
    Brand IKANG
    Qualification FDA | CE