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    Disposable CBI infusion pump

    Manufacturer: Lingyan Medical
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    Disposable CBI infusion pump
    1. Lingyan disposable CBI infusion pump is used for clinical pain relief treatment to relieve or relieve pain.

    2. It uses the flexibility of the silicon reservoir to continuously control the smallest droplets through the capillary tube to ensure the safe and effective continuous release of pain.

    3. CBI + PCA: continuity + self-control infusion

    4. Disposable CBI infusion pumps in 4 sizes of 60ml, 100ml or less, 200ml, 275ml are available

    5.6 0ml- 275 ml 6.2ml / hr --- 5 ml / hr flow rate 7. CBI 8. CE and ISO13485

    Lingyan Medical Devices Co., Ltd. provides high-quality disposable CBI infusion pumps with CE, ISO, and FSC certification.

    We can produce disposable CBI infusion pumps according to detailed technical specifications.

    Products specifications
    Specification(Package)6 0ml- 275 ml 6. 2ml / hr --- 5 ml / hr
    Approval Number国械注准20173154162