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    Disposable endoscope

    Manufacturer: Qianjing Medical
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    Application: it is suitable for resection, cross cutting and anastomosis of lung, bronchial tissue, stomach and intestine in open or endoscopic surgery. It is suitable for thoracic surgery, abdominal surgery and gynecological endoscopy
    Features and advantages:
    Better blood supply, better adaptability of tissue thickness, less tissue flattening injury.
    Six row cross stapler is designed to keep the organization safe. Disposable blade, which changes with reloading.
    Make sure the blade is sharp and reduces tissue damage. It is equipped with safety interlock device to prevent re triggering of heavy load which is used again,
    So as to ensure the safety of operation. The structure of equidistant height maintainer makes the die of anastomotic nail consistent.
    Due to the different height of staples, ladder nail storehouse is suitable for pressing tissue of various thickness, effectively clamping and launching.

    Products specifications
    Brand Qianjing Medical
    Production license Su Xie Note 20192020034
    Qualification CE