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    Disposable flushing aspirator (flushing drainage tube)

    Manufacturer: Kangji
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    The repeated use of the flushing suction device is insufficient, and there are many structural components, and the disassembly and assembly are cumbersome
    It is difficult to clean and sterilize the long and thin tube cavity, and there is a risk of cross infection. When different batches of product parts are mixed, it is easy to leak water
    After repeated use, the inner wall of tube cavity and valve core is easy to form scale and difficult to clean thoroughly
    Efficient, convenient, safe and comfortable

    Advantages of Kangji disposable flushing aspirator:
    It has dual functions of flushing and suction. It can be operated by one hand. It is easy to use and disposable to avoid cross infection
    The quick switching valve body with obvious color code differentiation makes the punching and suction operation more accurate and efficient
    Ergonomic shape design of the hand-held part, better grip feeling, suitable for both left and right hands

    Products specifications
    Brand Kangji
    Approval Number 浙械注准20152220306
    Qualification FDA | CE