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    Disposable foam surgical hand sanitizer 500ml

    Manufacturer: Mint
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    Product Description
    [Main active ingredients and their content] This product is a disinfectant with ethanol and chlorhexidine gluconate as the main active ingredients. The content of ethanol is 35%±5% (v/v) and the content of chlorhexidine gluconate is 1.2% ±0.12% (W/V).
    [Killing microorganisms] It can kill common bacteria such as intestinal pathogens, pyogenic cocci, and pathogenic yeasts.
    【Scope of Use】Suitable for surgical hand disinfection, sanitary hand disinfection in work and life.
    1. Surgical hand disinfection: After washing your hands and forearms with soap, take about 5ml of this product, rub your hands and forearms evenly for 3 minutes according to the prescribed hand washing method, and then wear sterile gloves.
    2. Before examining, treating and nursing patients, take 3ml of the original solution of this product in the palm of your hand and rub it for more than 1 minute.
    3. Hygienic hand disinfection after daily work: Take about 3ml of this product and rub your hands for 1 minute.
    【Validity】24 months.
    Product Features
    1. Smooth and not greasy.
    2. Neutral formula, rich and fine foam, no resistance.
    3. Strong bactericidal penetration and contain skin care factors.

    Products specifications
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