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    Disposable isolation gown (surgical gown)

    Manufacturer: 柏堡龙
    SKU: gjy2021042502
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    [Usage method] Before putting on the isolation gown: 1. Wash your hands, disinfect, remove the clothes, take the gown with the gown, and clean the gown
    Face to yourself, pollution facing outwards, fold both ends of the collar outwards to align the shoulders, exposing the inner opening of the shoulder cuffs. 2 Wear the sleeves. Hold the collar with one hand and reach into one sleeve with the other hand, raise your arm, and move the sleeve. Put it on; switch to holding the collar, and put on the other sleeve according to the method 3. Tie the collar and hold the collar with both hands, straighten the collar from front to back. 4. Tie the belt from the side of the waistband about 5cm below the waistband Gradually pull the isolation gown forward, see the edge of the garment pinched, and then pinch the other edge of the garment according to the law. Align the edges of the clothes at the back with both hands and fold them to one side,
    Hold down the folds, cross the waistband on the back, go back to the front and tie it with a slip knot. Before taking off the isolation gown: 1. Untie the belt and tie a slip knot in the front. 2. Tuck part of the sleeves into the work sleeves at the elbows. 3. Disinfect hands. 4. Untie the neckline. 5. Take off the sleeve and stretch one hand into the cuff on the other side, pull down the sleeve and pass the hand (cover the hand), then pull down the other sleeve with the hand covered by the sleeve, align the sleeves with both hands in the sleeves, both arms Withdraw gradually. The coat hook holds the collar with both hands, align the two sides of the isolation gown and hang it on the coat hook;
    For the isolation gown that is no longer worn, take it off and clean it facing outwards, roll it up and put it in a dirt bag.

    [Product material] SSS three-in-one polypropylene non-woven fabric, fabric weight 25 grams

    [Specifications] Model: Adult type: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

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    Approval Number粤械注准20202148779