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    Disposable virus sampling tube

    Manufacturer: Xinmeikang
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    1. It is easy to operate and does not need to prepare liquid
    The sample tube contains highly effective virus lysate, which can inactivate the virus immediately after sampling, effectively preventing the risk of secondary infection.
    2. Guanidine salt contained in national standard production
    Virus preservation solution (inactivated type) using high concentration of guanidine salt can quickly inactivate and preserve respiratory pathogens, making samples lose infectivity.
    3. The preservation solution contains many components to improve the discrimination rate
    On the basis of Hanks, adding bovine serum albumin, HEPES and other virus stable components can maintain the virus activity in a wide temperature range, reduce the speed of virus decomposition, and improve the positive rate of virus isolation.
    4. Liquid color is easy to observe
    The preservation solution has pink color which is easy to observe and distinguish, which is convenient for operation and sampling.
    5. Swab can be customized
    The total length of pharyngeal swab: 152.3mm, breakpoint: 30.2mm; nasal swab: 149.2mm; breakpoint: 81.2mm. Customers can choose the nature and quantity of swabs.
    6. Various specifications meet the requirements
    Virus sampling tube 1 drag 1; 1 drag 5; 1 drag 10 together with swab, can be freely combined
    7. Reasonable packaging and convenient access
    With 50 holes and plug-in design, it is convenient for the Department staff to take it. With a certain number of swabs, the process of unsealing is avoided and medical waste is reduced.
    8. The identification is clear and easy to mark
    Professional adhesive paper manufacturers are selected to produce and design label paper, which is tight and not easy to fall off, and the writing is smooth and clear.

    Products specifications
    Brand 鲁济械备20200277号
    Qualification CE