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    Drainage bag

    Manufacturer: Kangquan Medical

    【Applicable Departments】

    Operating room, general surgery, neurosurgery, gynecology, anorectal, urology, orthopedics, etc.

    【Product performance and composition】

    This product is mainly composed of drainage bag body, connecting pipe, discharge pipe (optional), Robert clamp or check valve, hanging bolt (optional)

    Equipped), anti-backflow membrane (optional), joints (different models have different configurations, divided into: sampling joints, tapered adapters,

    Luer connector, movable adapter, threaded adapter), cross valve (optional), cable tie (optional). With insert

    The internal drainage catheter/urinary catheter connected to the external container is gravity drainage, and there is no specific control over drainage rate and pressure.

    制function. Does not contain electric negative pressure source. This product is for single use.

    【Scope of application】

    Used to draw out and collect body fluids.

    【Instructions for use】

    1. Open the packaging bag and take out the drainage bag, close the bottom cross valve (if any), and remove the protective cap of the connector.

    2. Connect the joint drainage tube, urinary catheter or catheter with Luer connector.

    3. Hang the drainage bag beside the bed.

    4. When the waste liquid in the bag accumulates a certain amount, record the liquid volume and open the Robert clamp to discharge the waste liquid in the bag. For no cross

    For the valve model, replace the drainage bag directly.

    Products specifications
    Brand Kangquan Medical
    Approval Number 鄂械注准20182662536
    Production license 鄂食药监械生产许20180813号
    Qualification CE