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    Dry Water Massage Spa Capsule

    Manufacturer: LUMSAIL
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    1.Showering Hydraulic& massage system: 16 water columns can be divided into different working groups under the control of the microcomputer.It gives full play of hydraulic massage,functioning deep into human body effectively.Hydraulic massage is of high permeability,its thermal energy and pressure can reach internal tissues and spread over,making the nerve relaxed.
    2.Steam: Stimulate the evaporation of different essences,smooth the energy channels,improve blood circulation.
    3.Fragrance therapy:The vapor of different essences and Chinese herbs spreads all over your body evenly and effectively,relieving tiredness and treating the illness.
    4.Music therapy: MP3 system makes you relaxed and refreshed physically and mentally.
    6.Anion breeze:Improving the metabolism of skin,remolding your skin.
    7.Ozone system:Thoroughly cleansing the tiny pores,getting rid of toxic heavy metals through ozone sterilization.
    8.Optical therapy:Relaxing human body,lessening spiritual pressure,improving the metabolism,shaping your figure.
    9. 3C weed function: Through the principle of by using high-pressure and fluctuated hydrotherapy to stimulate body deep cells and to relieve our intense nervous system ,clear neridians .so it can easily make essential oils and ocean mineral materials contribution to our body microcirculation .
    10. Energy colorful light effect:
    As we know, colorful light is helpful to our health physically and mentally. The common facial treatment has effects only on cuticle of the epidermis without deeper and further curative effects, while the filtered colorful light wave can penetrate the cuticle into the derma with photochemical action on the tissue and skin care, increasing the collagen protein and stimulating the cell regeneration, restoring the elastic facial skin, getting rid of wrinkles, fine lines and contracting pores against ageing and flaccid skin.

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