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    Hydrogen peroxide disinfection machine

    Manufacturer: East Fulong
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    ■HPVS M200s
    ■Product Features
    1. Fusion of vaporized hydrogen peroxide technology and advanced one
    Laser navigation technology in one
    2. Utilize high-precision lidar and leading instant
    Time positioning technology, independent construction of a flat map
    3. Set room disinfection order according to disinfection requirements
    Order, autonomous path planning
    4. Flexible obstacle avoidance function
    5. For the environment with many rooms and complex layout, make it empty
    More uniform disinfection
    6. Wireless remote control via tablet
    7. Real-time recording of disinfection data and alarm information
    8. Historical data can be queried and permissions protected
    9. Monitoring room temperature and humidity throughout the disinfection process

    Autonomous navigation, disinfection of gas
    Even coverage

    Can reach 6-log disinfection level

    Reproducible disinfection effect
    Short disinfection cycle

    Residual concentration can be detected
    Ensure data integrity

    ■Technical parameters
    Disinfection ability: terminal disinfection
    Wave storage: 2000ML
    Size: 490*600*1290mm
    Weight: 120kg
    Control mode: tablet WIFI wireless control
    Working mode: self-propelled disinfection
    Power supply mode: lithium battery pack
    Single continuous working time: 5h

    Products specifications
    Brand East Fulong
    Qualification CE