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    Electric Anaesthetic Pendant

    Manufacturer: huaxil Medical
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    Single-arm surgical pendant

    Comfortably support endoscope micro-invasive device, surgical devices, gas and electric supply, infusion pumps, IT instruments and etc.
    Suitable for OR, ICU, mainly used in surgical support, endoscope support
    The single-arm surgical pendant is specially designed for meeting requirements in the operation theatre and critical care areas and to ergonomically facilitate working procedures for medical workplaces.
    The pendant is equipped with medical gas outlets and electrical sockets which can be customized according to end-users’ requirements.
    Exceptionally compact. the pendant column offers an increased number of outlets, allowing easy access and connection to all types of medical devices.
    A wide range of shelves, monitor tray, and various accessories can be customized to the preferred user’s requirements. The pendant is designed with a high level of hygiene and aesthetics with a rounded and smooth surface with no exposed tracks and screws.

    Holding many patents for its excellent mechanical designs.
    Mainbody and rotate arm are made of High tension aluminum alloy.
    High-temperature anti-stain coating, protected from erosion.

    Pneumatic braking system to prevent unintentional movement.
    Swiveling arm with 340-degree rotation and with the radius of 750-1000mm
    Control box with 330-degree rotation
    Load capacity up to 300KG
    The use of extrusion molding aluminum alloys for the pendant column and arm profile makes the ceiling pendants lightweight and robust.
    Modular shelves and drawer unit for individual arrangement of devices of different sizes
    Ergonomic control console for easy positioning and maneuver.
    Extensive modularity construction to allow for future expansion.

    1、Medical gas outlet: O2*2, VAC*1, Air*1
    2、 Power socket*8
    3、Internet interface RJ45*1
    5、IV pole*1

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    Qualification CE
    Brand Huasil medical