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    Electric gynecological operating table

    Manufacturer: KANGERJIAN

    [Notes, warnings and prompts and instructions]
    1. After the gynecological operating table is used, the gynecological operating table should be at the lowest position to protect the normal operation of the pillar.
    2. When tilting backwards in front of the operation table, the leg support must be lifted to avoid collision with the lifting sleeve, and the patient's position must be fixed with the support frame to prevent the patient from slipping off due to careless operation.
    3. When the operating table is lowered, the leg plate should be raised to prevent the leg plate from colliding with the base.
    4. When removing the back plate, move the arm plate toward the head to prevent the arm plate from colliding with the seat plate.
    5. All the sliding parts, arm rests, support frames and accessories fixed on the guide rails of the operating table must be fixed on the guide rails during use. The fixing knobs that fix the head plate and the leg plate should be tightened to avoid other actions. Accidentally slipped off.
    6. When using a single-layer arm shelf, do not subject it to excessive stress or place heavy objects to prevent the arm shelf from breaking.
    7. The gynecological operating table installed in the box is in a "stop" state, and the gynecological operating table cannot be pushed forward. When moving, the pedal must be raised.

    [Instructions for use]
    1. The gynecological operating table lifting and tilting back and forth are completed by a mechanical transmission mechanism. The lifting, backing and tilting back and forth can be completed manually, and the height and angle can be adjusted within the adjustment range.
    2. When the head plate is folded up and down, use your hand to pull the pawl handle away from the ratchet, and adjust the angle within the adjustment range. If you loosen the pawl handle, the position can be fixed.
    3. The base of the gynecological operating table is equipped with nylon wheels to move. If it is fixed, you can step on the brake pedal with your foot and place the pedal under the brake pin to fix the operating table.

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    Qualification ISO13458 | CE