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    Electronic blood pressure sphygmomanometer HEM-7136

    Manufacturer: OMRON
    Imported from Japan, quality selection, complete functions, cost-effective; body weight: 290g (not including battery); dimensions: width 107mm × height 79mm × thickness 141mm; scope of application of armband: 220-320mm (central part of upper arm)
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    Omron's unique technology, measurement quality assurance

    Combining Omron's unique core biosensing technology and half a century of clinical blood pressure data experience, the Intellisense intelligent compression technology developed is the quality assurance of every Omron blood pressure monitor. Intellisense intelligent pressure automatically adjusts the pressure value of the pressure according to the blood pressure of the testee, thereby shortening the measurement time, improving the comfort of the measurement, and ensuring the exact result of the measurement.

    Gold standard for accuracy of electronic sphygmomanometers

    Meets AAMI international accuracy standards

    AAMI is an international standard promulgated by the American Association for the Advancement of Medical Devices to evaluate the accuracy of electronic blood pressure monitors. The standard compares electronic sphygmomanometers with mercury sphygmomanometers using scientific statistical methods, and stipulates that the average error must be <±5mmHg.


    Imported from Japan

    High quality to protect your health

    Your product is produced by the Matsusaka factory in Japan, which is the core production base of Omron Healthcare Group. We aim to provide products with higher quality and stable performance, and simultaneously export Omron's latest core technology products to countries around the world.


    Cuff wearing self-check

    Whether the cuff is tight or not [OK] Tell you

    Whether the cuff is worn correctly or not will affect the blood pressure measurement results. If the cuff is tied too loosely, the measured blood pressure will be higher, on the contrary, if it is too tight, the measured blood pressure will be lower. Omron's unique cuff wearing self-check function, you automatically confirm the tightness of the cuff wearing. When the "OK" logo is displayed on the screen, you can measure your blood pressure at ease. Otherwise, please readjust and measure it. Omron pays attention to every step of your measurement to ensure that you measure accurately.


    Malfunction prompt

    Don't do it by mistake

    In the process of blood pressure measurement, slight body movement can cause incorrect blood pressure values. Omron’s misoperation reminder tells you whether there is a misoperation during the measurement process in the form of an icon. It is recommended that you need to re-measure if there is a misoperation to obtain an accurate blood pressure measurement.


    Improved fan-shaped armband

    Ergonomic design, more comfortable to wear

    The improved fan-shaped armband can flexibly correspond to arms of different thicknesses and can be easily rolled up. When using, you will face each blood pressure measurement in a more relaxed state, and the result will be more accurate.


    Blood pressure level display

    The blood pressure is displayed in segments, so the blood pressure status is clear

    The "Guidelines for Prevention and Treatment of Hypertension in China 2010" emphasizes the importance of family blood pressure measurement and proposes a standard value of 135/85mmHg for family blood pressure. This value is lower than the standard value of 140/90mmHg for blood pressure in the office, because a comfortable and calm home atmosphere will make you more relaxed and more truly reflect your blood pressure. In order to facilitate the user to compare the measured blood pressure value with the family blood pressure value, Omron will compare the measured blood pressure value with the family blood pressure value and display it to help you clearly understand the blood pressure status, and subtle fluctuations can also be understood.

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