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    Exoskeleton rehabilitation training robot

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    Optimal gait: Hundreds of normal people’s gait is collected and integrated, which simulates the characteristics of human motion and supports the optimal design of human-like walking gait for the fool
    Bionic design: bionic design, 4 joint active degrees of freedom, 2 joint passive degrees of freedom, which can realize daily activities such as walking, going up and down, and starting
    Ergonomic straps: comfortable and adjustable ergonomic straps to reduce skin pressure and wear
    Human-machine integration: integrating sensing, control, information, and mobile computing technologies, emphasizing human-machine collaboration, and exerting active movement capabilities
    Data feedback: Record the rehabilitation data of the fool, provide data support for rehabilitation assessment, and provide scientific basis for the formulation of personalized rehabilitation prescriptions
    Intelligent control: terminal devices such as mobile phones and tablets can manage patient training at any time
    Fine control: fine control adjustment of walking, pace, gait, and joint activity accurate to +1°
    Mobile training: Pioneering mobile scene comprehensive rehabilitation exercise equipment, directly used for indoor and outdoor walking of early and voodoo patients
    No threshold operation: simple operation, no cumbersome and complicated variable adjustment, easier for rehabilitation practitioners to accept and use
    The equipment is small and exquisite: similar products have the smallest size and require the smallest space for rehabilitation and mobile training
    Quick wear: transfer of sitting position, no energy consumption. Quick adjustment of putting on and taking off, it takes an average of 3-5 minutes

    Products specifications
    Brand Daai Robot
    Qualification CE