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    Manufacturer: Gobes Medical
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    Precautions for product use

    1. This product has been sterilized, it is strictly prohibited to use it if the package is damaged;

    2. This product is only for one-time use, it should be used immediately after opening the package, and it should be incinerated after use;

    3. The product is valid for three years.

    4. This product uses non-woven fabric as raw material, and is carefully cut by hand into medical finished products. Sterilized by ethylene oxide and controlled

    Residues, non-toxic and side effects on human body, conform to national medical production license production, safety inspection has been done before leaving the factory.


    Storage method

    Store in a clean, dry, well-ventilated place away from open flames.


    Stocking period

    Due to the large number of factory orders, the factory will inevitably be out of stock. Generally, the products involved in small quantities will have stocks, and large quantities must be customized.

    Before placing an order, the customer must inquire whether the product is in stock or ask clearly about our delivery date. Otherwise we cannot guarantee immediate delivery.

    Products specifications
    Brand Gobes Medical
    Specification(Package) set
    Qualification CE
    Approval Number 皖械注准20182640134