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    Handheld lung function tester

    Manufacturer: Sifang Optoelectronics
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    The handheld lung function tester Gasboard-7020 uses the principle of ultrasonic detection to determine the volume flow of gas by measuring the time difference between the upstream and the upstream, so as to accurately detect the human body's lung function related indicators such as exhalation and inhalation. The supporting PC software system Real-time display of breathing curve and automatic calculation of various index parameters, with report storage and printing functions.

    Technical index

    VC (Vital Capacity)


    ±3% or ±0.050L whichever is the maximum

    FVC (forced vital capacity)


    ±3% or ±0.050L whichever is the maximum

    MVV (maximum ventilation)


    ±3% or ±4.5L/min whichever is the maximum

    Products specifications
    BrandSifang Optoelectronics
    Approval Number鄂械注准20122211718
    Production license鄂食药监械生产许20110513号