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    High-flow respiratory humidification treatment instrument

    Manufacturer: MAISI
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    The lowest dew point temperature: 31°C, 34°C, 37°C
    Flow rate: 10~60L/min
    Maximum oxygen input: 60L/min
    Noise: 1OL/min, <20dB(A)
    Size: 300x197x165mm (HUMID-BHR)

    Weight: 2.0Kg (HUMID-BHR)
    Humidification output: >10mg/L (10~60L/min.31°C)
    Warm-up time: 10 minutes to 31°C, 30 minutes to 37°C,

    Maximum capacity of humidification tank: ≥500mL (HUMID-BH)
    Power supply: 220VAC±22V, 50±1Hz
    Oxygen concentration measurement: 21%~50%, error ±3%
    Waterproof rating: IPX1 drip-proof
    Classification: operating mode, continuous operation
    Air pressure: 70~106kPa
    Working humidity: 10~95%, no condensation

    Working temperature: 18℃~28℃

    > 33mg/L (10~6OL/min, 37°C) >10mg/L (10~60L/min, 34°C)

    Storage and transportation temperature: -20~60°℃
    Storage and transportation humidity: 10~95%, non-condensing
    (HUMID-BH humidified badger, flow rate 35L/min, starting temperature 23±2°℃)

    Products specifications
    Brand MAISI
    Approval Number 辽械注准20172540091
    Production license 辽食药监械生产许20150025号
    Qualification FDA | CE