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    High precision intelligent infusion pump

    Manufacturer: Tong Sheng Yi Da
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    Product features:
    1. High-definition LCD display, Chinese friendly operation interface, convenient for nurses to operate
    2. Automatic conversion between ml/hour and drops/minute, which is convenient for nurses to choose freely
    3. Large-scale infusion, high infusion speed can reach 1200ml/h
    4. The alarm function is timely and accurate, and there are voice prompts to reduce the workload of nurses
    5. The pump contains a lithium battery pack. With power failure automatic conversion and automatic charging management functions
    6. After the infusion is completed, the KVO function is automatically activated to keep the patient's veins open
    ?、Car DC 12V power supply work, not subject to 220V AC limitation
    8. Configure nurse call interface

    Products specifications
    Brand Tong Sheng Yi Da
    Qualification CE