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    Intelligent call intercom series

    Manufacturer: Huaxing
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    Product details
    1. The host adopts environmental protection plastic shell, which is light, beautiful and practical.
    2. The medical record card of the host computer is combined with the bed indicator light, which is simple and clear with clear indication.
    3. LCD menu operation: all menu functions can be operated in Chinese characters,
    4. Extension on-line elastic coding: the extension number can be modified or set arbitrarily online.
    5. Extension uninterrupted call: no matter in standby or ringing state, as long as there is an extension call, it can be called in and displayed.
    6. Host multi-function display: the host display window can display the extension number and sequence of calls.
    7. Ring volume adjustment: the host has 16 levels of volume. Automatic volume conversion during the day and night.
    8. The system has 12 chord music, and different extension can set different music.
    9. The secondary nursing level of the host can be set arbitrarily: two different nursing levels can be set for the extension according to the patient's condition.
    10. The call of advanced nursing extension can interrupt the call of low-level nursing extension.
    11. The host and extension can be reset and cleared at will. After the host and extension call, they will reset automatically without any operation.
    12. Music digital corridor display screen: when the extension calls, the corridor display screen has 12 chord music cycle playing tips, and when there is no call, the current time can be displayed.
    13, the host did not handle the prompt: when the extension call, if the nurse fails to handle the call, the system will automatically alarm until the processing is completed, effectively avoiding the occurrence of medical accidents.