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    Ion knife

    Manufacturer: OFAN
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    Plasma exclusive patent
    ·Exclusive technology patent of ion knife
    ·Do not touch the skin
    ·Do not destroy the skin
    ·15 technical patents
    Only 99.999% ultra-high purity helium is used
    1. The ion knife only uses 99.999% high purity helium
    2. Convert high purity helium into plasma
    3. High purity helium to remove the surrounding oxygen and other gases
    4. It can not destroy the epidermis and non-invasive treatment
    What is plasma?
    The fourth state of plasma and gas is the dissociation of the gas and the plasma.

    Products specifications
    Approval Number粤食药监械生产许20203652号
    QualificationISO13485 | CE