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    Jd6500 digital medical X-ray photography system

    Manufacturer: J-IMAGING

    Jd6500 digital medical X-ray photography system (hereinafter referred to as the system) belongs to class II medical devices according to the classification standard of medical devices.

    The system consists of X-ray tube assembly, beam limiter, medical diagnostic X-ray high-frequency and high-voltage generator, chest X-ray column, camera bed, flat panel detector and image workstation. Among them, X-ray tube assembly, beam limiter, chest film column, camera bed and flat panel detector are used in patient environment.

    This system is a new digital X-ray photography solution, which is suitable for whole body X-ray diagnosis. The system is suitable for almost all imaging photography, and can provide multiple parts of the examination and shooting function, from the head, chest (lung), abdomen, spine and limbs for X-ray exposure.

    The column type rack is equipped with a floating bed surface examination bed, which can be used for X-ray photography of patients in sitting or lying position. In the future, it can be used in combination with the flat chest X-ray frame, so that the patients in standing position can be examined by photography, which has extraordinary convenience and flexibility.

    The system meets Chinese regulations and product standards. The prototype has successfully passed the assembly debugging and self-test according to the technical requirements, and passed the pre inspection by the third party.

    Products specifications
    Brand J-IMAGING
    Approval Number 沪械注准20162100577
    Qualification ISO13485