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    JH-D36-00F/4FA BTE hearing aid


    The JH-D36 is a battery powered digital BTE behind the ear hearing aids,  Clear voice with auto feedback canceler and noise reduction function.
    The surface is designed with mirror technology to interpret the new fashion appearance.
    4 kinds of modes (Normal, double MIC noise reduction, telephone, outdoors), prominent noise reduction.

    WDRC & AFC Digital Hearing Aid:

    AFC: The use of an adaptive feedback canceler (AFC) for howling suppression in hearing aids.

    WDRC: Wide dynamic range compression, the amplification system ever to compensate for the loudness sensitivity.

    1. Enjoy the wonderful sound easily and comfortably, and feel the real listening experience (using imported Lou-style Knowles moving iron speakers for clear resolution and clear levels)
    2. No delay, no lag, imported high-precision chips, accurate and natural frequency division.
    3. Reject the howling, don’t worry about the second hearing damage caused by the harsh echo.
    4. New upgrade, using dual MEMS microphones, (effectively filter the noise in transmission, the sound distortion is smaller than traditional ECM microphones)

    Button Volume Control & Volume Memory:

    1. Easy to control volume and the machine will remember the sound level when next time turn on.
    2. The operation is simple, one-button start, no need to take off the headset, you can adjust the volume level.

    4 Program for Different Environment:  

    1. Normal Program: For the quiet environment, such as Home, Office;
    2. Conference Program: For the very quiet environment, such as Meeting;
    3. Noise Reduction Program: For a very noisy environment, such as: Bar, Noise production line;
    4. Outdoor Program: For the outdoor, environment, Such as: Road, Supermarket.
    Products specifications
    Brand Huizhou Jinghao Medical Technology CO., LTD.
    Approval Number 粤械注准20162461589
    Qualification FDA | CE