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    JHDCB-B Electric obstetric bed

    Manufacturer: NANTONG
    SKU: WZW064
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    1. Function description
    The JHDCB-B electric obstetric bed is suitable for mothers to use in all stages of delivery, delivery, and postpartum recovery. It has a fully automatic conversion function from the bed to the delivery table to provide sufficient comfort for the delivery process of the mother.
    The overall lifting, forward and backward tilting and turning of the backboard of the bed adopt electric control and button operation;
    The foot board device is adjusted by a controllable gas spring to achieve the rationality of various parts of the human body, which is helpful for the smooth delivery of the parturient;
    There is a hidden dirt box and a detachable auxiliary table under the bed board, which can be changed according to clinical needs;
    The legs and concealed armrests on both sides can adjust the angle and position.
    The headboard and the left and right guardrails are made of high-strength plastic at one time. The appearance is beautiful and generous, and it can be easily loaded and unloaded or hidden.
    The delivery bed can be equipped with CD audio, which helps to regulate the good mood of the mother.
    The casters adopt a central control system, which can be moved flexibly or locked firmly.
    The overall structure of the bed is closed, dustproof and easy to clean.
    2. Main technical parameters
    1. The total length of the bed surface is 2000mm, and the length of the auxiliary table: 590*410mm
    2. The width of the bed is 800mm, so that pregnant women can sit and lie comfortably, and can share the bed with the mother and baby.
    3. Adjustable height of the bed: 680-980mm.
    4. The inclination angle of the backplane is ≥60 degrees.
    5. Bed tilt angle: forward tilt ≥ 2 degrees, backward tilt ≥ 12 degrees.
    6. Folding of foot board ≥40 degrees.
    7. Foot abduction ≥ 90 degrees.
    8. Load ≥150 kg.
    Three, basic configuration
    1. Main bed: 1 piece, 2. Side rail (guardrail): 4 pieces, 3. Salt water bottle rack: 1 piece, 4. Drainage hook: 1 piece,
    5. Wire hook 1 piece, 6. Leg support: 2 pieces, 7. Handle: 2 pieces, 8. Dirt basin: 1 piece, 9. CD audio (optional accessory): 1 piece, 10. Mattress: 1 set.


    Products specifications
    Brand NANTONG
    Approval Number 苏械注准20152180681
    Production license 苏食药监械生产许20010550号
    Qualification CE