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    KFA-100B millimeter wave treatment instrument

    Manufacturer: ZHONGCHENGKANGFU
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    working principle
    Millimeter waves refer to extremely high frequency electromagnetic waves with a frequency of 30 to 300 GHz (1 GHz = 10 Hz) and a wavelength of 110 mm. Millimeter waves act on the human body and cause non-thermal effects through the resonance theory of "electromagnetic coherent oscillation". That is: when a biological system absorbs a small amount of millimeter wave electromagnetic energy, due to the resonant absorption of millimeter wave radiation by cells and molecular polymers, biological changes that are not temperature changes-non-thermal effects are produced. The low-intensity millimeter wave will cause the acceleration of ion activity migration; the change of cell membrane permeability; the acceleration of lipid peroxide oxidation in the fat body; the increase of the ion permeability of the double-layer lipid compound membrane. This can make the patient's local blood vessels dilate, accelerate blood flow, increase the nutrient metabolism of tissue cells, improve tissue function and regeneration, and accelerate the absorption and excretion of pathological products and metabolites. Therefore, it can produce anti-inflammatory, sterilizing, swelling and pain-relieving effects. Since its inception in 1984, the millimeter wave treatment instrument has been proven in clinical practice for more than 20 years to improve local blood circulation. Its main treatment scope is anti-inflammatory, swelling, pain relief, promotion of blood circulation and tissue growth recovery, and wound healing.

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