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    Knee Sleeve Rehabilitation Equipment Supplier

    Manufacturer: Runbio Biotech Co., Ltd.
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    The soft foam laminate is more comfortable. Hook and loop

    Cover, easy adjustment and precise fit.

    7. Function

    Lightweight and durable. Removable and washable liner.

    comfortable to wear

    May be worn during sports activities

    Provides excellent knee protection

    8. How to use

    Under the guidance of a doctor.

    Please fix the thigh with the thigh strap, just like the calf.

    after that,

    Please connect the thigh and calf straps with adjustable knee joints,


    Tie the plastic ring and fix the hinge.

    The special function of the tightening strap can adapt to the shape of the leg. Since it is very suitable,

    It not only guarantees the success of rehabilitation, but also very

    At ease

    Super lightweight and strong material when worn

    Ensure that the product can be worn comfortably for a long time.

    9, applicable

    Recommended for surgical operations such as arthroscopy

    ACL reconstruction, the ability to fully extend and fix the knee

    Is ideal.

    In meniscus repair, knee ligament injuries (such as MCL,

    LCL and knee fracture.

    Products specifications
    Brand Runyi Medical
    Qualification CE