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    Surgical lighting

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    Technical parameters 700mm head and 500mm head
    Illuminance 160000Lux 140000Lux
    Color temperature 3600-5500K (±500K) variable
    UV irradiance within 400nm ≤0.006W/square meter
    Lamp power (W) 1W * N60 1W * N45
    50% spot diameter d50 (mm) 150120
    10% point diameter d10 (mm) 280320
    Illuminance (cm) 140120
    Illuminance adjustment range 25-100%
    Focus system Electric/manual (optional)
    Voltage 220V 220V
    frequency 50 Hz 50 Hz
    Input power 100 watts 80 watts
    LED service life 100,000 hours
    The temperature on the surgeon’s head is below 1°C /
    Camera system optional
    Battery optional
    Products specifications
    Brand Shandong Yuda Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.
    Approval Number 鲁械注准20162540284
    Qualification CE