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    Manual hospital bed-KS-S501yh

    Manufacturer: Kangshen Medical
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    【Product classification】: Manual bed
    【Product Number】: S501yh
    [Product accessories]: 1 pair of headboard and footboard, 4 European-style long and short combined guardrails, 4 rocker systems, 4 angle displays, 4 5-inch central control wheels, 2 left and right brake pedals, 4 infusions stand sockets, 4 drainage bag hooks, 2 booster sockets, 1 pair of bottom frame decoration cover
    [Product Features]: Nursing beds are divided into electric nursing beds and manual nursing beds, which are used by patients with inconvenient mobility when they are hospitalized or at home. Its main purpose is to facilitate the nursing staff to take care of and facilitate the rehabilitation of patients.
    【Scope of Use】: For hospital use.

    Products specifications
    Brand Kangshen Medical
    Specification(Package) 2220*1060*500/780mm
    Qualification CE
    Approval Number 粤械注准20192150645