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    Medical Breast Machine

    Manufacturer: SHINVA
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    1) Provide high-resolution images and enhanced perspective function and pincushion image correction function.
    2) High precision.
    3) Asymmetric field simulation technology is applied to a wide range of patient positioning.
    4) The main moving parts adopt low-speed start, high-speed movement, and low-speed stop control modes.
    5) Patient information management, dynamic control, and image display are integrated into the same interface, which is user-friendly.
    6) RT standard image output/input.
    7) Independent collider.
    8) The dual-channel data acquisition and display system provides better security.
    9) Double scissors sofa.
    10) The software integrates the image processing system and the simulator control system.
    11) Industrial computer, PLC closed-loop control master and slave.
    12) All movable parts have multiple restriction functions.
    13) The integrated structure ensures high precision, and the positioning of the gantry and the sofa are aligned.

    Products specifications
    Brand SHINVA
    Approval Number 鲁械注准20192110515
    Qualification CE