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    Medical center oxygen supply system

    Manufacturer: Huaxing
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    Product details:
    1、 Central oxygen supply station
    The central oxygen supply station is composed of oxygen cylinder group, bus bar, automatic switch console (also manual), safety valve, alarm device and other equipment. When the cylinder group is used as the oxygen supply source, the oxygen cylinder is divided into two groups, one is working and the other is standby; when the oxygen pressure in a group of cylinders drops to a specified value, the automatic switch console will switch automatically, and the standby oxygen cylinder group will supply oxygen continuously; at the same time, the alarm device will automatically send out sound and light alarm signals to remind the staff to replace the oxygen cylinder. In addition, when the output pressure is lower than a specified value, the alarm device also sends out sound and light alarm signals to warn to take measures.
    When the oxygen generator or liquid oxygen and oxygen cylinder are used together, the oxygen generator or liquid oxygen is the main one, and the oxygen cylinder is auxiliary or standby
    2、 Oxygen pipeline
    After the oxygen is decompressed by the central oxygen supply station, the oxygen with the pressure of 0.6-1mpa (adjustable) is delivered to the secondary pressure stabilizing device on each floor. There are two sets of pressure stabilizing devices in the device. When one set is damaged, the other set will be used immediately to ensure normal oxygen supply. The oxygen output pressure is 0.3-0.6mpa (adjustable) after two-stage pressure stabilization, which can be used for patients to breathe and use various types of ventilators and anaesthesia machines at home and abroad, as well as oxygen supply to hyperbaric oxygen chamber.
    3、 Oxygen terminal
    The oxygen after secondary decompression is piped to the oxygen terminal at the bedside of each ward. The terminal is equipped with plug-in self sealing quick connector, and the outlet of the quick connector is connected with a humidifying bottle. As soon as the humidification bottle is inserted into the terminal jack, the oxygen will be continuously delivered to the patient. When not in use, the oxygen source will be automatically cut off and the oxygen supply will be stopped.
    4、 Main technical indexes and characteristics
    (1) the output flow of the terminal shall not be less than 10L / min
    (2) the hourly leakage rate of the system should be less than 0.5%
    (3) the terminal pressure of the ward shall not be less than 0.2MPa
    (4) the terminal pressure of ventilator and anesthesia machine shall not be less than 0.4 MPa
    (5) the pressure loss of the farthest pipeline shall not exceed 10%,
    1. The maximum oxygen supply is 40m3 / h, and the daily oxygen supply is not less than 70 bottles / day
    2. End output pressure 0.1-0.6mpa (adjustable)
    3. The hourly leakage rate of the system shall not be greater than 0.2%
    4. There is no limit to the number of hospital bed terminals. No matter how many terminals, it can meet the requirements of terminal pressure and flow.
    5. Oxygen cylinder can be manually or automatically switched, sound and light alarm. Liquid oxygen device and oxygen generator can also be connected.
    6. The terminal is easy to plug in and out, and the connector is fast and reliable.
    7. The main equipment adopts two-way design, which can be maintained without stopping the machine.
    The central oxygen supply station of liquid oxygen storage tank is composed of low temperature storage tank, vaporizer, liquid inlet valve, high pressure safety valve, low pressure safety valve, check valve, liquid discharge valve, vent valve, filter, etc.
    The central oxygen supply station of PSA PSA PSA oxygen generator is composed of oxygen generator, air compressor, cold dryer, air storage tank, oxygen storage tank, etc.
    This equipment is the first choice of all kinds of hospital central oxygen supply system. Its oxygen production cost is low, only 16% of the cost of gas oxygen and 30% of the cost of liquid oxygen. It can improve the level and grade of the hospital, which is one of the ultimate development goals of the hospital oxygen source.
    Application and scope of application
    The system is suitable for the new construction, expansion and reconstruction of the hospital, and is used for centralized oxygen supply in the hospital. In recent years, with the rapid development of medical technology, the centralized supply of medical gas has been widely used in hospitals, wards and operating rooms. It has the advantages of safety, economy and easy management. It is an essential medical equipment for modern hospitals, treatment and surgery

    Products specifications
    Brand Huaxing
    Approval Number 鲁械注准20152560512