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    Medical cold compress

    Manufacturer: Yirentang
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    Medicine advantage: this product is non-irritating, smooth gel texture, mild ingredients, no alcohol, hormones and antibiotics, no dependence, no rebound, and has certain cold compress, soothing, moisturizing, and breathable functions.
    Drug category: 1. Used for physical cooling of the human body, cold compress on specific parts of the surface, only for closed soft tissue; 2. Used for post-surgery skin injection, fractional laser, ultrasonic knife, picosecond laser surgery Skin physical cooling, redness, cold compress care; 3. Relieve and repair skin allergies caused by long-term use of hormone-containing cosmetics, remove acne, and reduce acne marks; 4. Repair damaged skin after sunburn and improve skin metabolism , Repair skin barrier function, improve skin moisture storage capacity.
    Drug specifications: 5 tablets/box
    ① Medical-grade multi-molecule sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid stock solution with a concentration greater than 1.6mg/ml): a combination of micromolecules below 10,000 (Qintou) + 300,000 macromolecules (moisturizing); it has the effect of hydrating and moisturizing.
    ② Poly-L-glutamic acid: has a strong moisturizing ability
    ③Trehalose: has excellent properties of maintaining cell viability and biological macromolecule activity
    ④. Jinloumei extract: good antioxidant, also known for reducing swelling, shrinking and calming
    ⑤ Bisabolol: a component present in chamomile flowers, not only has anti-inflammatory properties, but also has been proven to have antibacterial activity